42 Taiji Jian Form Introductory Weekend

28th-29th November 2020

Faye Yip, Heel Kick

The 42 Step Tai Ji Quan was a unique Tai Chi routine structured by one of the world’s famous Tai Chi Masters, Professor Li De Yin. This routine consists of some of the main characteristics and inner essence of four of the five major tradtitional Tai Chi styles, namely Chen, Yang, Wu & Sun Style Tai Chi. This routine was created as a competition routine in 1990 specially for the Asian games.

Although designed for competition, due to it’s unique qualities, all practitioners of this form can gain good insights into the individual characteristics of the major styles of Tai Chi. Hence it has attracted world wide interest and adherents. 

Since 1990, the 42 step Tai Chi Routine has received a great following from non-competition practitioners, not only for the great insights of different styles it offers but also the fantastic health benefits achieved through practising this form

Furthermore, this routine consists of some of the representational movements from the 4 main styles of Tai Chi and through this seminar, instructors / enthusiasts can get an overview of the similarities and differnces bewteen various styles.

The teacher for this introductory weekend is Master Faye Yip, Professor Li’s daughter and one of the highest authorities on this routine outside China, who will conduct in depth teaching on various aspects and the fine essence of this routine. 

It is suitable for enthusiasts of all levels, the three weekends training will also be serving as Deyin Instructor seminars, and any Deyin Instructors who satisfactorily complete all three modules, and are successful in their final assessment, will be qualified to teach this routine.  

Deyin Members – £120
Non members – £135

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  • Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB Calendar