88 Yang Style Taijiquan Part One (Level 3 Module)

88 Step Yang Taijiquan, Part 1   (Level 3 module)

Sat 23rd and Sun 24th March 2019
10am to 5pm

This is the first of two weekends that will provide comprehensive training in this Deyin Level 3 Instructor moduleIt is also an open seminar for all Yang Style Tai Chi enthusiasts. All Deyin instructors, members and other tai chi enthusiasts with some Yang Style experience are welcome to take part.Tary Yip, Rooster

88 Step Yang Style Taijiquan is one of the most popular Yang Style hand forms, practised by millions of people throughout China and the world. It is the standardised (IWUF) Long Yang style, which means that wherever you go in the world, all qualified 88 step teachers should be following the sequence and details as taught by the Deyin Institute Chairman, Professor Li Deyin.

This module is designed to offer instructors and enthusiasts alike an insight into the finesse and essence of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi. Participants will have the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Form, and to learn much of the fine detail required for good practice, energy flow and focus.

This weekend is the first of two that will make up the whole of the 88 step module. The date of the second weekend will be set soon.

Fee for the weekend:
Deyin Instructor: £120.00
Deyin/BHQA member: £135.00
Non member: £150.00

To book a place for this event . Please visit  www.deyin-taiji.com

*Teaching materials (video files on USB) £20.00

The teaching materials are video footage from previous 88 form modules conducted by Master Tary. The video quality is not high definition, but the teaching is clear and comprehensive. For an additional £5 we can send you the teaching materials when we receive payment for your booking, so you can start getting acquainted with the style straight away!
(Deyin Instructors already have access to these videos when they log in to the Deyin Website, but may wish to have their own copies)

Deyin Level 2 Instructors
Successful assessment in this module can be used as part of the requirement for Level 3 Instructor qualification. Note that you will need to keep re-validations of this form up to date (every 2 years) until you are ready to apply for Level 3 qualification.

This is also a re-validation opportunity for Deyin Instructors already qualified in this form but seeking re-assessment that will take placeon the Sunday afternoon.

*teaching materials are © copyright of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute, and are for personal use only. They must not be duplicated for anyone else to use, or uploaded to any internet video sites (like

Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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