BHQA Online Revalidation Opportunity

Health Qigong Online Revalidation

A great revalidation opportunity is being offered as part of our online instructor course. Due to the current situation and social distancing, we are trying our very best to ensure all our Health Qigong instructors’ revalidation opportunities are not affected by the lockdown situation.

Our 2020 instructor course is being conducted via Zoom over a number of months and we feel that this is also a great opportunity for our currently qualified instructors to take advantage of this online training and participate in some of the training in order to revalidate their qualified Health Qigong forms.

The four forms open to revalidations are Health Qigong Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi and Liu Zi Jue. Instructors are welcome to take on the last two online sessions of each form (2.5hrs per session) in order to get revalidated. No end of training assessment is required.

The date for the revalidation as follows;

HQ Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang / Stick:
18/07/2020 and 22/08/2020

HQ Yi Jin Jing
19/07/2020 and 23/08/2020

HQ Wu Qin Xi
01/08/2020 and 29/08/2020

Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue
02/08/2020 and 30/08/2020

Each session will run between 10am – 12.30pm

All BHQA instructors are encouraged to take up these online revalidation opportunities.


£65 each form revalidation including certification fee

To book a place on this course. Please visit to complete online booking form

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