Deyin Instructor Level 1 Weekend with Re-validation Opportunity

Deyin Level 1 Refresher Weekend with Re-validation opportunity

The Level 1 Tai Chi instuctor course is designed as a CPD (continuous professional development) for Level 1 instructors. It covers all 5 sets of exercises in the level 1 course and at the end of the weekend Instructor will be re-validated for 2 years. 

Instructors not due for re-validation are also welcome to take part to refresh and improve their own practice.

This weekend is also suitable for enthusiasts (member & non member) who have learned and practised these routines to improve their standard and gain further insight to the essence of the Tai Ji Quan and Sword.

Training Content:


  • 8 Treasures (morning)
  • 8 Step Taijiquan (morning)
  • 16 Step Taijiquan (afternoon)


  • 16 Step Taiji Sword (morning)
  • 24 Step Taiji Quan (afternoon)

Course Fees:

  • Deyin Instructor  – £160.00 (including revalidation & Certification fees)
  • Deyin Instructor – £120.00 (Not including revalidation & Certification)
  • Deyin Member – £135.00
  • Non member – £150

To book a place on this course . Please visit to complete online booking form

Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB Calendar ©Deyin Institute 2019