Deyin Tai Chi Summer Camp 2021

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This year we will celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Deyin Summer Camp in the UK!

Friday – Sunday 25th – 27th June 2021

Options of training:

  • 24 Step Tai Chi and application
  • Sun Style 38 Step Taiji Quan
  • Health Qigong Ma Wang Dui
  • Wudang Tai Chi Sword 
  • Push Hand Foundation Skills
  • Daoyin Bao Jian Qigong 
  • Introductory Tui Na (Acupressure Massage) for Self Care (NEW)
  • Meditation practice (NEW)
  • A cultural experience with Brush Painting and Calligraphy with a professional artist (NEW)

For twenty years the Deyin Tai Chi & Qigong Summer Camp was a place, where enthusiasts received some of the best learning experience and in-depth tuition from world-class masters on Tai Chi, Qigong, Push Hand, and Internal arts. 2020 sees the 21st anniversary of Deyin summer camp, as a celebration for this special occasion, we are pleased to offer a number of exciting new experience in the related sphere to stimulate our annual educational summer camp. 

The training programme will help participants of all levels to consolidate their current practice, develop new skills and deepen their understanding of the underlying principles and inner essence of Internal Arts, which will enhance their health and wellness. 

Morning training will be conduct by Deyin Senior instructors, Participants can training with high standard teachers with a touch of difference. The full-day teaching will be conducted by Masters Tary & Faye, two of Europe’s highly respected teachers, direct lineage bearers to Sun and Yang Style Tai Chi, Wudang Sword. 

This summer camp is jammed packed with great Tai Chi and Qigong training, also fun and cultural indulgence of Chinese brush painting and Calligraphy. Enthusiasts of all levels, all ages, novice or advance are welcome to join us on this special celebration.

As a celebration for the 21st Anniversary, we will have an evening meal (£15pp) at our Chinese Arts and Culture Centre on Friday evening (6.30pm).

Venue: Holy Trinity Academy Teece Dr, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9SF