Enchanting Tai Chi & Qigong China Retreat 2020

Enchanting Tai Chi & Qigong China Retreat 2020

18 Days – 15th Oct – 1st Nov 2020
Early booking (before 31st Mar 2020): 18 Days – £1950.00 (includes international flights)
£1450.00 (without international flights)

Standard booking (after 31st Mar 2020) – £2095.00 (include international flights)

Cheng Du – Mt Wudang – Shaolin Temple – Shanghai

This enchanting Tai chi & qigong retreat on the legendary birthplace of Tai Chi, Wudang Mountain. In-depth Wudang Mind & Body Tai Chi and Qigong training at a retreat centre or hotel at the bottom of Wudang mountain followed by 2 days of spiritual pilgrimage to this sacred mountain to search the beautiful harmony of Man and nature. Also enjoyd some of the beautiful temples and scenery on the mountain.

We will then travel to the birthplace of Chinese Kung fu, The Shaolin temple and be inspired by the amazing martial skills of the kng fu monks. we will also go to Shanghai to exchange with experts in Health Qigong and Chengdu to see beautiful Giant Panda.

Along the way we will visit beautiful religious places, seSe the endangered Giant Pandas, visit the scard Wudang Mountain and Song Mountain to be inspired by the pure Aura and cosmos Qi surrounding these two mountains. 

After a soul lifting and eye opening spiritual pilgrimmage with great and in-depth Tai Chi & Qigong retreat, we will travel to the new Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai to visit Shanghai Sport University, one of the best Sport University in China. We will indulge oursleves in th history of Chinese Martial arts through a visit to the Chinese Martial Arts Museum, followed by a information and educatinal exchange and learning of Health Qigong with the professors and masters in the University.

We will see the new and old of Shanghai, the Bund and old town and the colonial buildings that make Shanghai a live history museum.

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