Health Qigong Refresher Workshop and Pre-Instructor Study Course 2020

Health Qigong Refresher Workshop
and Pre-Instructor Course Study 2020

8th Feb 2020 – Option A (One form to be chosen)

  • Tai Ji Yang sheng Zhang (Tai Chi Stick Health Qigong)
  • Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and Tendons changing Classic Health Qigong)

9th Feb 2020 – Option B (One form to be chosen)

  • Wu Qin Xi (Five animal Frolics Health Qigong)
  • Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing sounds Health Qigong) 

Special discounts for Health Qigong Instructor course participants 2020

A weekend of study with Master Faye & Tary Yip

These workshops are a fantastic opportunity for Health Qigong enthusiasts practising any of the above styles to refresh their understanding of the benefits of these wonderful exercises. It is also ideal for BHQA instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge and improve their performance in these BHQA Qigong forms. An opportunity is also being provided for BHQA Instructors to revalidate their qualifications.

Faye Draws Bow

The course is also open to any serious qigong practitioners who have at least a working knowledge of the style they wish to study. Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain about your suitability for this event.

Please note that Revalidation Assessments are only available for BHQA instructors who have previously qualified in the particular style.

This is also a Health Qigong Revalidation opportunity for Health Qigong Instructors

  • BHQA / Deyin Members: One Day – £65,  Both Days – £120
  • Health Qigong Instructor Course Participants – One Day – £55, Both days – £105
  • Non Members: One Day – £75,  Both Days –


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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB