Health Qigong Workshop Yi Jin Jing For ME/CFS


                          Health Qigong Workshop

                  Introducing Yi Jin Jing For ME/CFS


Yi Jin Jing is a traditional health practice which consists of a set of movements combining breathing with movement.The exercises in the Yi Jin Jing Qigong set can help to improve balance,flexibilty and muscular strength with regular practice. The short set i will be teaching is a proven set that can help people suffering from ME/CFS and can be adapted to do seated.

Saturday 5th May 2018


                                     Balfour Community Centre Holderness Rd Hull   HU92EU

                                     Price £10.00 per person

                                         Places need to be booked and paid for in advance

                                To book a place for this event

                                      Please contact  Shaun  by e mail or 07854 306762

                              Tea/Coffee etc available for free on the day

                                       Shaun Foulds is a qualified Instructor with the British Health QIgong Association