Master Faye Li Yip -Founder & Chief Instructor


Master Faye Yip is the daughter of Professor Li Deyin a highly respected Martial Arts Teacher and Taiji Master in China. Master Faye has studied martial arts since the age of seven not only training with her father, but training with other highly respected masters in China. She first started studying Shaolin Quan and then Xingyi, Bagua, and Taiji.DSC_3669  Faye (2)

Some of the famous masters who Master Faye trained with, receiving invaluable guidance, include her grand uncle Li Tian Ji who taught her Qigong and the health aspects. She also trained with Sha Guo Zheng a famous Xing Yi and Bagua master and the late Grand Master Sun Jian Yun.

In 1990 Master Faye Yip came to the UK and after completing a few years university study. In 1994 she founded Deyin Taijiquan Institute together with her husband Master Tary Yip promoting and teaching Taiji Quan and Qigong. She is a respected and leading teacher of Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan standardised forms. She also is one of the highest authorities in Europe teaching Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan having direct lineage to the late Grand master Sun Lu Tang who founded the style of Taijiquan. Master Faye also teaches other weapons routines including Wudang Sword, and was the first person to learn and promote the famous Taiji Kung Fu Fan form created by her father.

Master Faye Yip has trained many students over the years and continues to do so travelling to many countries teaching Tai Chi and Qigong seminars. She is also on the executive committee of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Master Faye Yip and Master Tary Yip have also founded the British Health Qigong Association working in liaison with the Chinese Health Qigong Association to promote the teaching of the popular health Qigong routines. Master Faye Yip is considered to be now one of the highest authority and highly respected health Qigong teachers in Europe. In the early part of 2015 Both Master Faye and Tary will open their own Chinese Culture Centre where students can attend various courses in Tai Chi and Health Qigong.

Shaun Foulds with Master Faye Yip

Shaun first met Master Faye Yip in 2008 when he first attended Tai Chi Caledonia where he took part in training sessions with her and continued training with her at further visits to Tai Chi Caledonia. Over the past few years Master Faye has continued to offer Shaun support with his own personal development and training. Masters Faye and Tary has been coming to Hull for the past seven years to teach at Tai Chi and Qigong Seminars organised by Shaun. In 2014 Shaun attended a British Health Qigong Instructors course, where he qualified to teach a health Qigong routine. Shaun will continue to train with Master Faye to continue his personal development in Tai Chi and Health Qigong.