Online Pre-course training for Deyin Instructor Course (Course 1)

Course duration: 11th June 2020 – 27th August 2020
Time: Every Thursday evening 18:30 – 20:30 (2hrs each class)
Venue: Zoom online teaching
Instructor: Master Tary Yip

This is a special online pre-instructor course training, which introduces and goes into detail on the hand forms being covered in the Deyin Level 1 Tai Chi Instructor Course. It is a good opportunity for those who are interested in taking up the Deyin Instructor Course starting in September 2020 or in the near future, to get an insight into the content and format of the instructor course before taking on the full Course.  

Those who have already signed up for the 2020 Deyin Tai Chi instructor course in September are welcome to partake in the pre-course, which will provide an excellent start to their preparation for the in-depth and intensive Instructor Course training.

The course will be instructed by Master Tary Yip, who is one of the UK and Europe’s most highly regarded Tai Chi Masters. He is an indoor student of Prof Li Deyin, with an extensive background in Chinese Martial Arts, including expertise in Xing Yi Quan. As one of the few Masters in Europe to have a direct lineage to grandmaster Sun Lu tang and Yang Jian Hou, Master Tary is a highly sought-after instructor who has taught all over the world. 

This course will include 24 hours of extensive training covering both the Qigong and Tai Chi forms (based on Yang Style Tai Chi) that are required as part of our full Instructor Course.

The forms covered by the pre-course are as follows: 

  • Traditional Eight Treasures
  • 8 Step Tai Chi
  • 16 Step Tai Chi
  • 24 Step Tai Chi

This course is also suitable for all Tai Chi enthusiasts and Deyin members. The course will help to consolidate your personal practice and understanding of these forms. 

 As a bonus, these classes will be recorded and a private link to the video resources will be made available to all those signing up onto this course so that enthusiasts can revisit these classes as and when they wish.

Please note: The 16 step sword form is a part of the Deyin Instructor Course syllabus. Master Faye will be offering a 16 step sword class available on a Wednesday between 18:30 – 19:30. The 16 step sword course class starts on 3rd June and runs until 26th August, both prospective instructors and Tai Chi enthusiasts are also welcome to sign up to it.

Participants will get a discounted rate when signing up for the pre-course and the sword course.

note: 2020 Deyin instructor course participants sign up and pay the same price as Deyin members.


Course 1
Deyin Members – £75.00
Non-members – £95.00 (or sign up as member £20 and you will pay the members price)

Course 1 & 2 
Deyin Members – £99.00
Non-members – £120.00 (or sign up as member £20 and you will pay the members price)

To book a place on this course . Please visit to complete online registration course

Venue: Zoom – Online Email: Phone: 07779582940