Sun Style 97/98 Step Training Weekends

Traditional Sun Style Long Form – P1

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 2020
10:00am – 4:00pm

A weekend studying the Sun Style 97/98 Step with Master Tary Yip

Professor Li, Tary

Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi is one of the 5 major Tai Chi system created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, who combined the inner essence of three major styles of internal martial arts namely Xing Yi, Tai Chi Bagua to form this unique system of Tai Chi.

This course is design to offer Sun Style entusiasts an insight to this unque style of Tai Chi. whether it is for improvement of one’s practice or consolidate one’s standard in teaching, this seminar will give participant a better understanding of Sun style Tai Chi both in form and in Essence.

Enthusiasts of other Tai Chi disciplines are also welcome to attend as this seminar will offer an insight to Tai Chi system as a whole and will help enthusiasts to understand more about their own discipline from a different angle.

Master Tary is the 4th Generation direct lineage from the creator Sun Lu Tang. and master Yip is one of the highest authority on Traditional Suns style Tai Ji Quan in the UK and Europe. This is definitely a rare oppotunity to train with one of the best Sun Style Tai Chi masters outside China.

Sun Style Instructor Module

This weekend forms a part of 3 weekends Sun style Long form instructor course. Deyin instructors, who satisfactorily complete this weekend training and pass the final assessment at the last weekend will be qualified to teach the Sun style traditional long form. 

Enthusiasts and Deyin members are also welcome to take the whole course self development and improvement on practice standard, however certificate will only be awarded to Deyin Qualified instrucotrs only.

It is hoped that this will be the first module leading to an instructor teaching qualification in this style. Plans for a subsequent module will be determined after the event, the format depending on the standards achieved by participants over this weekend.

22-23 Feb 2020 – Part 1
25-26 Apr 2020 – Part 2
11-12 July 2020 – Part 3

Fees –

Full weekend 22-23 Feb 2020

  • Deyin Members – £120
  • Non-Members – £135

Deyin Instructor Module (3 weekends) 

  • Deyin Instructors – £330.00
  • Deyin Members – £360.00
  • Non Members – £395.

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