Xing Yi Standing Pole Qigong- Instructor Modules

12th – 13th Dec 2020 – Both days 10am – 16:00pm

Xing Yi Zhuang Gong - Tiger

What is Standing Pole?
Standing Pole exercises are widely described as Zhan Zhuang or Zhuang Gong. Before the first use of the modern term “Qigong” in the 1950s, it was traditionally catagorised as Daoyin (Path Guiding), Tu Na (Respiration) and Jing Gong (Still exercises) and a few other methods.

Standing Pole is categorised as still exercises. It is a method used by Daoist, Buddhist and other qigong systems practitioners. As the name suggests, practitioners perform the exercise often in various static and motionless positions. Through the focus of the mind, manipulate breathing patterns and stand in various poses, Standing Pole helps practitioners to relieve stress, improve mental focus, heal certain conditions, strengthen muscle tone and joint mobility as well as encourage blood circulation and energy flow.
The Xing Yi Standing Pole Qigong was created by Professor Li Deyin’s father, Qigong grand Master Li Tian Chi, based on the principle and essence of the internal martial art Xing Yi Quan. This Qigong set combines both still and moving postures to enhance energy levels and strengthen muscles and tendons. 

It was first promoted in hospitals in the north of China as a complementary treatment to Chronic illnesses such as lung, liver and heart ailments. It was also prescribed to patients as rehabilitation treatment after operations. the exercise proved to be highly efficient and beneficial with good results.

It was also found to be excellent for people looking to improve their general health and fitness. 

This is an Instructor training weekend module and design to provide instructors in-depth principles and theories of Qigong and the Xing Yi standing Pole to enable instructors to teach this set of exercises in full confidence. The weekend will consist of two days of training.

The first day will be mainly focusing on form practise, which is also suitable for enthusiasts who are interested in learning a simple but effective Qigong exercise to enhance their general wellbeing.

The second day will be Deyin Instructors’ only session, which consists of a combination of detail training with accuracy and lecture on theory and principles of Qigong in general and Xing Yi Standing Pole in specific. 


Deyin Instructor (Full Weekend including certification) – £160
Deyin Member (Saturday) – £70
Non-member (Saturday) – £80 Registration Form

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